Inspection Geni for SolidWorks gives designers peace of mind

Designers can use Albitech’s SolidWorks-Inspection Geni™ to make their lives easier following the release of their drawings

Hertzlia, Israel September 16, 2010 — A new player in the SolidWorks® CAD Solution Partner space, Albitech Ltd, announced that the latest version of Inspection Geni (IG) has shipped today. This powerful release incorporates numerous new features such as the ability to interactively review changes made to every drawing created using SolidWorks.

Today, designers working with SolidWorks frequently lose control of their designs as soon as they release their drawings for review said Doron Sashkis, CEO of Albitech. “Repeated discussions around dimensions, drawings, notes, part lists, BOM and production instructions are frequently aggravating, ineffective and time consuming

“Designers are often forced to rework their projects after they have been submitted for review,” said Sashkis, citing reasons as diverse as the need to provide IDs for hundreds of dimensions, and problematic issues such as non-manufacturable design elements, coating considerations and ‘tricky’ chamfers.

“To top it all, designers also need to deal with revised requirements that create multiple project versions with limited time and resources to track and understand changes,” he added.

“Designers can now get their history right – where it matters and when it matters, down to the dimension level, and for every version.”

IG for SolidWorks empowers designers by automatically producing the project’s dimension ID’s, which cut across the lifecycle and version changes of the project. With these dimension ID’s and history module, designers are now in the driver seat, armed to respond promptly and accurately to any changes or inquiries.

“IG for SolidWorks is the all-in-one add-in partner solution that has the power and features professionals need to automatically generate inspection sheets, drawings with dimensional IDs and archives,” he said, adding that IG for SolidWorks is the fastest, most feature-packed version of the software ever released.

“We invite the design community to experience the power and grace of this technology today,” Sashkis concluded.