High-Speed Inspection Process for SolidWorks

Albitech Ltd Brings High-Speed Inspection Process Capabilities to SolidWorks 2010 CAD Software

Inspection Geni enables engineering and QC departments to speed up the inspection preparation, documentation, storage, and archive processes; slash time to market, achieve a rapid ROI and environmentally friendly industry standards.

Hertzlia, Israel April 10, 2010 — Albitech Ltd today announces the availability of Inspection Geni™; a SolidWorks® 2010 3D CAD add-in partner solution that automatically generates inspection sheets, drawings with dimensional IDs and archives available for inspected dimensions and inspection documents.

SolidWorks 2010 is focused on optimizing core design functions so users can more quickly and intelligently achieve their goals. It also includes hundreds of new enhancements specifically requested by customers.

The new version of SolidWorks improves designers’ and engineers’ productivity with new capabilities like rapid dimensions, enhanced mirrored components, and heads-up mouse gesturing. These capabilities let designers and engineers work smarter and faster while minimizing menu navigation.

Designers, engineers and QC department will use Inspection Geni and SolidWorks software to:

  • Automatically sort designs – creating a dimensional database giving you a perfect interface to plan your inspection process.
  • Planning – Plan the inspection of a particular product part by creating a template defining the measuring tools and related tolerances.
  • Inspection – Print blank inspection reports for sorting using a measurement tool with different inspection stations, like high gauge, CMM and manual inspection.
  • Documentation – Automatically print inspection documents and MRB reports.
  • Archive – Save the technical changes history made to any manufactured part and archive all the correspondence with the designer.
  • Environmentally – Friendly – Adopt environmentally friendly industry standards within a completely digital manufacturing environment.

“Engineers don’t have time to worry about software complexity or the problem of integrating data between separate applications,” said Nick Iwaskow, SolidWorks Manager, Alliances. “Combining Inspection Geni’s creation of inspection documents, drawing with dimensional IDs with comprehensive archive capabilities with SolidWorks 2010 3D CAD enables engineers to focus on innovation, quality, and productivity instead of learning how to use the software.”

Tightly integrated with SolidWorks, Inspection Geni enables designers and QC engineers to analyze dimensions and automatically add data into the inspection template. “The dimensions are stored in a database allowing users to immediately view the highlighted connected dimensions,” says Doron Sashkis, CEO, Albitech. “Thanks to this, our customers report that they shave up to 90% off the time they typically spend on the inspection documentation process.”