Open a drawing in SolidWorks.
With Inspection Geni this drawing can be done using any number of sheets and any number of dimensions.

In the Inspection Geni main menu select the new command.
The drawing name is taken from the SolidWorks drawing name. Enter the Company name. This will help you later to find the project.

Inspection Geni builds a tree indicating all the dimensions in the drawing.
The dimensions are sorted according to sheet, view, and surrounding views in CCW direction assisting the user to locate the dimensions in the inspection report. The dimensions in the tree are associated with the dimensions on the drawings. so when you will move to a dimension on the tree, the dimensions on the drawing are highlighted, and vice versa.

Inspection Geni will now automatically create the Ballooned drawing in real time, allowing you to check and move Dimension ID balloons if they overlap.

That’s it! You are done! You did-it with Balloon-IT.

Now you can send-it to your suppliers and they too will benefit – it’s a win-win scenario!

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